About us

AGENTUR SRM is a company that offers work placement abroad and retraining.


We started this three years ago. From year to year we managed to perform in this area that involves hard work, diligence and honor the word given to the client and to our partners. We are a young team, united and divided into each area of ​​activity in hand, who knows at any moment what to do. Important decisions are taken in the company by mutual agreement.


We enjoy working with people. We are open communicative, always ready to offer specialized services that can be customized on the requirements of our clients fold. Energy, commitment and creativity define us. All organized by our agency services come to you with a clear purpose is to find a shortest time possible job in the field of elder care at home on Austrian territory. For a future client decides to go down this path it is important to have with him an experienced partner to help him and guide him in the decision he has taken. For us the ideas, opinions are very important to our customers and we take into account, so that together we evolve increasingly better. 
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